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Mother and Daughter Love

Parent Coaching in Toronto

Parent Coaching Toronto

It’s time to restore the relationship with your child
and finally get the support you need with a parenting coach.

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Mom and son

We only have so much time with our children while they're young - and we want to give them a different life than what we had.

When we become parents, we are full of hope. We want so much for our kids. We want them to be ready for the challenges that lie ahead.


But parenting is hard.  We never know if we’re doing it right.


So we spend hours searching the web for “the one magic idea” that is going to solve all the problems. But the answers are usually conflicting. After an endless bedtime routine, we end the day feeling frustrated at our kids, and ourselves. 


It can all be just too much. But you are not alone, and it’s not too late to enjoy parenting again.

It is possible to get back on the road to more ease, cooperation, and enjoyment at home. It’s okay to ask for help.  

I've been there too...

My name is Alison Macklin

As a parent and longtime consultant, what I’ve discovered is that there is no one "good" way to parent. Or only one answer to any challenge. 


I heart u is committed to helping you improve your relationship with your child. To one that is full of ease and joy.


You will have the tools that will lay the foundation for a respectful and loving relationship with your child. One that will grow with you over time.

Alison, Parent Coach in Toronto
Image by Isaac Quesada

“Alison was thoughtful, emotionally validating to our struggles, always there to offer any type of help we needed, and completely changed how we as parents are able to function with our kids. 


The strategies we learned from her have been invaluable, and I can not speak highly enough of her skill level, compassion, and support through this process... My husband and I have our evenings back, and our relationship with our children is better because of working with Alison.”

-Stephanie K.

Toronto Parent Coaching Services

I will be your guiding light in the vast realm of parenting advice. You will feel equipped with tools you can come back to over and over again–so you can have fun while raising empowered children.


Free Discovery Call

Child therapy

2 Week Coaching


1 Hour Consultation

How it works

1 / Complimentary Discovery Call

This is where we meet to talk about your goals and expectations for coaching to see if we are a match! 

2 / Book your session

We meet for our first session (depending on what package you choose). I’ll give you the rundown of the tools that you will have access to and start a plan for your family’s needs.

3 / Transformation

Get ready to see the changes in your family!

Are you ready for more joy, laughter, and ease in your day as a parent?

Because what you learn now will last a lifetime. This doesn’t just change your family, it's going to change you too. 

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