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Working With Me

It’s hard to navigate challenging behaviour when you are feeling stressed or at your wits end. As rewarding as parenting is, you can’t do it alone.


Connection-Based Parent coaching focuses on helping you adopt a new mindset and approach to parenting. You'll have an arsenal of behavioural tools to meet the needs of your child. It also helps you create emotional space for yourself so that you can remain present with your child. 

The best thing you will leave with is the belief that you are a better parent because you'll have the transformation to prove it.


Virtual Meeting
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Free Discovery Call

This is a free call for parents who want to understand more about what I offer and how it will help improve their child's behaviour while strengthening the connection that already exists.

2 Week Coaching

Work with me 1:1 to get a jump start on the core behavioural tools of Connection-Based Parenting. Learn how you can help your child release their feelings so they can move through daily events with less struggle, better cooperation, and more joy.

We will connect daily via Online log and Text messaging as well as through 4 Follow Up calls.


For existing clients who need a-la carte support. Life is full of twists and turns and we can sometimes get stuck. I'm here to help in those times so you can get back to enjoying the awesome relationship that you have with your child.


1 Hour Consultation

*Select Sezzle and split your order into 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks.

Stephanie K.

Alison was thoughtful, emotionally validating to our struggles, always there to offer any type of help we needed, and completely changed how we as parents are able to function with our kids. 

The strategies we learned from her have been invaluable, and I can not speak highly enough of her skill level, compassion, and support through this process... My husband and I have our evenings back, and our relationship with our children is better because of working with Alison."

Here is what working with the right connection- based parent coach can do for you:

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Empower your child to listen and be flexible with transitions


Feel equipped for any scenario with your child – from meltdowns to sibling rivalry

Arm Around Shoulder

Learn how to manage your own triggers and pace yourself

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Raise a child who grows up to be the confident and capable adult you know they can be

And with all these things in place, you might even have a date night! 

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